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$1000 to spend - what to get?

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All right, I have $1000.00 to spend on a yellow 2003 CBR600RR.

The only thing the bike has so far is a light smoke double bubble screen.

What should I get? Links with good prices always appreciated!

I was thinking...

1. Two Brothers carbon slip-on C5 or the Jardine carbon slip-on???
2. Fender eliminator of some sort.
3. Short stalk turn signals (front and rear) - smoke or clear???
4. Rear seat cowl?
5. Ditch passenger pegs. :roll:
6. Ditch reflectors. :roll:

I would also like some other carbon bits... but I am having hard time finding stuff in the US.

1. Heel guards. :Big Bounce:
2. Exhaust shield. :Big Bounce:
3. Chain guard.
4. Front fender.

Also, I would like to find:

1. Painted hugger.

Obviously, there are other things I could do, and I can't afford everything.

I don't want a full exhaust system, and I don't want a PC III. I will stick with the stock air filter, and I don't plan on any internal engine mods this year. :cry:

Hopefully I will start buying parts tonight or tomorrow morning.

Thanks for the input!
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Full Yoshi and some gear if you dont have any.

Revalve forks and get a shock. Do a track day.
Suspension and track days are wasted on me. Don't have the time for track days this year.

1pc suit is a good idea...

Still focusing on the psuedo-squid visible mods... :bounce:
if yur not in to track i would do the visual mods like cowl, new windscreen, ect replace the brake lines with SS or kelvar, sprocket and change switch to a 520 set up
What is the point of going to the smaller 520 set up?

SS brake lines are a good one. That is added to the list.
I say Gear, Exhaust, Sliders. That sould put you up around the $1000 mark. If you already have gear, add a fender eliminator, short stalks, PCIII, rear sets.
lighter weight for the RR (saves about 8lb from stock 525) also a bigger sprocket helps acceleration
SRADman said:
(saves about 8lb from stock 525)
I though the 520 only saved 2-3lbs. 8lbs is an impressive drop.
i agree with corleone get gear! helmets jacket gloves etc. then frame slidders and then exhaust
how long does the 520 last?

not too long ago 530 was the norm for sportbikes... i don't want to get something that will stretch out too fast.

as for gearing, i did that on the last bike (yzf600r that needed help getting out of its own way off the line), and the drop in gas mileage, when compared with the increased acceleration, made it seem worthless. plus i like the top speed! :bounce:
1pc suit is a good idea...
thats it! you buy yourself some leathers. I'd rather be the dork walking around in the resturant with my leathers on, than be the Squid on the side of the road crying and can't move because of roadrash..
Most definitely frame sliders and an aftermarket slip-on. Spend the rest on gear.
I would spend the cash and get red fairings. Those yellow ones are ugly. :bounce:
mabbottusmc said:
I would spend the cash and get red fairings. Those yellow ones are ugly. :bounce:
You're just jealous of all the poon that my yellow lands me. :wink:
I would get exhaust, some gear, sliders, and paint my lowers.
Wizard600RR said:
You're just jealous of all the poon that my yellow lands me. :wink:
You know that's true.
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