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making it black, putting better brakes and suspension on it, putting better rims on it, full tit ex, pc, tune, 520 kit geared down for more top, smooth out the low, thats it. im going to use the 600rr front end on another bike, would like to take that swingarm with it and use the spare 1krr one i have on the 600rr.
the 600rr and the 1000rr have the same brakes from few years and 07+ with radial master will send you over the bars so no need to spend the money braided lines and good pads and you can just about stop as fast as the sub 3 second 0-60 so 0to60& back to 0 in 6 seconds and 09+ have optional abs i have regular non abs bike and stop in under 100 ft doing 100 so unless your trying to stunt and do stoppies im making my 600 140+hp like stock1krr has and in the 1/8th 75% of everything is going to have to catch-up and if my lights on it doesn't matter that they were doing 30 mph faster because they still got there last 馃憤
21 - 24 of 24 Posts