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Local dealer Seminole Powersports has a 1000RR on the show room floor!!! Its the bomb!!!
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I just don't like that lower fairing. It comes up too far.
in person its not that bad...

they RIP you off on prices.

- D
Ive seen it in person and I dont really like it as much as the 600RR... and thats not just because I have one. I just dont ilke the tail how it stops in the middle of the subfram and doesnt go all the way down to the front of the seat like our bikes. Also, I hate the lower fairing..
Went to Tampa Powersports (Motosports of Tampa) today. They had one earlier in the day, but it was sold before I could see it. I'll swing by Clearwater Powesports. I know these stores are under new ownership with new names, but they're still Powersports to me. Almost all the same people work there, right?
we got one at the store where i work and its bad ass
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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