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190 or 180 rear tire?

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Pros and cons of putting on a 190 or a 180. I've seen a R6 with a 190, again what are the benefits of having one or the other on the 600RR?
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The 190 will get you into trouble, the rim size is WRONG for a 190.
The rim size for the CBR 600RR is 5.5 which means its designed to run a 180.
If you put a 190 onto it, you'll change the tyres profile, and thats not a good thing to do.

Stick with a 180 rear tyre, that is unless you are willing to change RIMS/WHEELS.

The 1000s and beyond come out with some big tyres, its to give them a bit more contact patch so as to handle the extra horsepower they generate.
And on the CORRECT size rim, a bit more stability.
It wont really give all that much more lean angle, than a 180 rear, they are put on for a reason after all, if not why not run a 300 on the rear, simple it wont fit eh!
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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