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Pics here:

(Need some cash to get my track bike up and running again so this bike has to go.)

1993 CR250R
Freshly rebuilt top and bottom end (new Hot Rods crank, Wiseco piston, rings, bearings) with less than 2 hours on it.
Rebuilt forks
New plastics
Renthal Bars
ASV Levers
New kill switch
New throttle
Completely rebuilt front and rear brakes with new pistons, seals, pads
New coil, wire
Brand new stator
New chain
New sprockets
Carb has new jets
New Air filter
Swingarm completely rebuilt with fresh bearings/seals/bolts
New FMF "Fatty" pipe/Turbine exhaust (spark arrestor)

Carb float bowl set and new float bowl gasket (tends to foul plugs right now)

Just kicked it over last night. Hadn't started it since February and started on 3rd kick. Runs like a champ.

$1,500 invested in rebuilding the bike (that doesn't include what I paid for it)

$1,500 firm. And yes, I realize this is a bad time to sell a dirt bike but I need the cash. This is the frame that won many MX races and is considered the best of the best of the steel framed CRs.
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