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I listed my 2002 R6 for sale yesterday and took some pics of my F3 today so it's time to post it.

This is quite possibly my favorite color scheme on any bike ever. I wanted one when they were new and couldn't afford one so when I was able to I finally found one and got it. I'd love to kkep it, but some things have come up and it's time to sell a bike or two.
It's a 1997 Honda CBR600 F3 with 27K miles on it. The bike starts, runs, and rides great. Mechanically the bike needs nothing. Cosmetically is got a couple minor issues but it's a beautiful bike. The back upper tail cowling is broke but I've got a new one ordered. There's a crack in the lower and the riders right side. I just rolled it out of the garage to take the pics, didn't even get a chance to wash or wax it first.

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$3100 I can personally deliver the bike for $.45 a mile round trip from my zip 26181 1000 mile limit any more and it'll be cheaper to crate and ship it.

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