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I broke my tibia back on April 22 running around in my front yard! BS right? Ive wrecked bikes at high/low speeds.. car crashes... never broke anything. But my stupid acciedent prone self, was running through the grass out front of my house in the dark... intoxicated... and fell in a sewer drainage ditch. SNAP!!!! worst pain ever....

So anyway, after a few months with a full leg cast.... here we are in July and I succesfully took out my R1 last night. Im still on crutches :icon_lol: but i can put half my weight on my leg and supposedly can start trying to walk next week. Luckily it was my right leg and I could easily balance the bike long enough to pull up the kickstand and click into to first. WOW did that feel good. I havent gone that long with out a streetbike ride since I was 17.

LOVE IT! Im gonna take it easy ofcourse... if i had to kickoff the ground with my right leg for any reason i might jeapordize my healing progress.... but i think i might just have to pull her out for a little jawnt this weekend.

its so funny..... i went to wawa lastnight... i get off the bike... and start hoppong for the door. (cant bring crutches on bike :book1:) People were lookin at me like "is this kid seroius... hes hopping around wawa on one foot, cant walk, and there he goes on the sweet totally awesome bike" rofl

I know guys... I shouldnt ride till I can walk... but imagine snapping ur tibia RIGHT at the beginning of primetime riding season... turrible... just turrible
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