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1. I was riding in a 3 lanes, one way street. While going in the left most lane, a cager going in the middle lane makes a sudden left turn. I grabbed both brakes, and felt my bike was skidding with a little bit of fish tailing. Yes, I was pissed, but at the same time, I'm glad that I was in control of my braking ability.

Moral: Learn your braking techniques for which it will save your life.

2. I was cruising at 73 - 75 mph on a free way when a jack *ss on a ducati out of nowhere flied by me in my lane going at about 100mph. He got full gear on but rode like a squid. I was shocked and pissed at the same time. He slowed down to wait for his friends and I finally caught up. I was mad doggin his face while riding side by side with him and shook my head. I gesture him to pull over, but he kept on going.

Moral: Some talk sh*t about cagers yet they are no better.

What calmed me down was seeing another fellow 600RR riding along the freeway NORMAL. :five: Makes me proud being on my 600RR.
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