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Alright i am thinking of getting a 10000k which is like a really nice blue...I think it will match my black/blue theme of my bike.

1. Im just wondering if there is like a really well made out tut on here for a HID kit install...Im sure i can figure it out just always easier to have pics (LOL)...And were would i put everything like the box and stuff?

2. My second question is....When i am riding on the street but mostly highway my front tire kinda like vibrates my whole front fairing and my whole arms shake. It stops but it does it like every 4 seconds for some reason...And another thing is when i take off both my hands to say fix my shirt or backpack my triple tree and front forks start violently shaking like if i dont stop it the front wheel will turn and i can flip over my bike...

^^ Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
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