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If you're looking for a clean and well cared for motorcycle to look good at bike nights, you should stop reading as this isn't the bike for you. If you're looking for a bike that's mechanically sound and can be ridden like a rented mule either to learn to ride or as a track bike, you should keep reading and look at no other bikes.

I've just gone through the entire bike over the last couple of months. It was incredibly dirty, neglected and badly in need of a refresh. I've probably spent more time cleaning/scrubbing than anything else.

The bad:
- At some point in the past, the bike was wrecked. As a result, it was given its current paint job which looks fine from about 15' away. Up-close it's just not that great. As far as I could tell, all the pieces are OEM, they've just been painted over. A lot of the bodywork hardware/bolts are mis-matched & rusted or missing, but everything mounts up. I've tried to sort it out as best as I could with what I had but it's still not perfect. In hindsight, I should've bought a bolt kit but I didn't think of it early enough and at this point, I just want to sell it.

The good:
- Front and rear brake calipers have been completely stripped and cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner
- New Honda OEM brake pads front/rear
- New Galfer braided stainless-steel front brake lines
- New brake fluid
- New Honda OEM air filter
- New Honda OEM spark plugs
- New fuel rail T-joints
- New fuel filter
- Fresh Honda motor oil / filter
- New battery
- New 520 RK chain / Vortex sprockets
- Devil high-mount slip-on exhaust
- New OEM Honda bar-ends
- Fixed trunk latch mechanism, was non-functional.

Other notes:
- The tires are Michelin Pilot Classics and should be replaced not because they're completely worn down but because they're about 3 years old. This is a given if you're going to ride it on the track. On the street, they'd probably be alright for tooling around town but I wouldn't trust them for anything spirited.
- The suspension is stock and will likely have to be gone through.

I opted to leave both the suspension and tires alone as there tend to be a lot of personal preference that goes with both.

I bought the bike as a project, therefore, I've not ridden it outside of down to the gas station and back for some fresh ethanol-free fuel. The bike rides great. Engine pulls strong and the transmission / clutch operate perfectly.

Asking price is $2,800. I'm willing to move a little but if you lowball me, I won't even respond. If you want to cut to the chase, show up with $2,600 and the bike is yours. Prefer bank check or cash, no Paypal.

Clean and clear title in hand.

Pickup/shipping is the buyer's responsibility. Bike is located in Central SC. No test/joyrides. I'll let you ride it if you put $2,800 cash in my hand. You wreck it, you bought it.

I have many more pictures of the rebuild/cleanup process, if you'd like to see, I'd be happy to share.


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