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I faced a issue with my 2003 600rr during removing middle fairings.
I noticed that one of the two hoses that come next to gear lever was kinked (Folded in half) very close to the nipple it actually connects.
I yanked the hose from the nippe and tried to straighten the hose and blow air through it. No air came through and the hose could not come straight.

Since the hose is actually plenty long, I cut approx 5cm (2inch) from the hose(kinked part) and attached it back to the nipple.

Went on with rest of my maintanance and next day when I went for a test drive, i filled my gas tank almost to the brim. Then I noticed that large amount of fuel was coming from the breather hose? I had to ziptie the hose folded in half to avoid spilling insane amounts of gas/petrol all over the place.

My question:
1. Is there supposed to be one way valve on the breather hose that avoids the actual gas coming out of the tank? It should only allow air to go towards the tank?
2. Where is the valve located? Inside the tank ?
3. Is there anything to be done? how to unstuck the valve?

Any help or insight of the insides/workings of the tank breather would be very much appreciated.

also sorry for the broken English, second language.

I have also driven this bike for 6500~ miles without any issues. I think the breather hose has been kinked the whole time so the tank must be breathing from somewhere.
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