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The time has come, and I need to sell my track bike. Unfortunately, responsibility will take precedence to my hobbies and for now, I must sell the bike and prepare for a soon-to-be house purchase. I have pondered over this a lot, and am just realizing that the responsible thing to do would be to sell the bike now, and get back into the sport once my home is purchased. Financially, I just don’t see being able to make it to the track this year, so this is what I must/should do. I will be very sad to see the bike go.

The bike is a 2003 600rr that I purchased from a CCS member 2 years ago. The bike was setup by him and I merely bought it and ran it. She runs strong!! The bike has 6,187 miles. The title was signed over when the previous owner got it… and he, nor I, actually registered the bike as we never took it on the street, as there was no need. I have the title in my possession. The bike is setup strictly for the track, and all wiring and unnecessary weight was cut from the bike. Pure race bike. I ran the bike for approximately 8 track days total for the last 2 summers, and took great care of her. She came to me silver / black and is currently painted hot orange / black, however, I can have the bike painted any one single color for the buyer by a local body shop, for no charge. Here’s what you get:

2003 Honda CBR 600rr
Miles: 6,187
Full Armour Bodies Bodywork
Stomp Grip Installed on the Tank

Zero Gravity Light Smoke D.B. Windscreen
GPR Stabilizer - Black
Vortex Gas cap - Black
Woodcraft Clip-Ons
Pazzo Racing Shorty Levers - Black
Woodcraft Rearsets W/ levers
Woodcraft R.H. case guard
Woodcraft L.H. cover
Hamaguchi Full Ti Exhaust System (this exhaust ROCKS…check the specs)
Power Comander PC3 usb W/ Custom Map
Forks Worked by Suspension Solutions with Ohlins 20mm SuperSport kit and .925 Springs
Shock re-worked & re-sprung by Ed at Trackside Engineering
Yoyodyne Frame Sliders
Woodcraft Spool Sliders
Goodgridge SS Brake Lines (Front and Rear)
EBC Prolite Front Rotors
Carbon Lorraine C-44 Front Pads

Dan Kyle Smog Block-Off Plates
520 Conversion (current gearing on the bike is 15-45, spares also included)

Newer Throttle Cables (8 days on them)
Oil Changed After Every 2 trackdays
Race stripped Wire Harness (only the essentials)
All useless mounting plastic & mounting tabs have been removed from subframe.

Tires are Pirelli SC2’s, race takeoffs bought from RonHix (he used them for one 8 lap sprint race if I remember correctly). I did 2 trackdays on them. At my skill level, they probably have another 4 on them. I’d say they’re good condition.
Fully safety wired

Bodywork is held on with quarter turn fastners (have spares also)

Sprockets - all 520: 16 front, 43,44,& 46 rears.
New 520, 114 link chain
Stock rear shock & linkage
Stock rear sets
Stock Clip-Ons
Stock Levers
Stock Headers
Jardine RT-1 Race Slip-On
GP Composites Superstock tail W/ stock seat.

- Printed and bound 2003 600rr full service manual
- Redline Front and Rear Stands (Black)
- Pit Bull Trailer Restraint System (I loved this thing!!)
- Digital T2 Tire Warmers
- As mentioned, can have painted 1 single color free of charge.

Also, whatever else I have laying around for it…

I’m thinking $5,500 is a fair price for the bike + all the spares/extras that are included. Everything you need for this bike for the track is here in one package.

I’m located in the Chicago area and can help deliver within reason for cost of fuel. (unless you’re in the Chicago suburbs, in which case I’d deliver for free).


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Lots of request for the
Willing to let the bike go alone. Make an offer on the bike alone, or the bike + some spares if you like. Make your own deal/package!!
Willing to deliver within 2 hours of Chicago.

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bump for sick bike!! i have the hamaguchi system on my 05 and it screams! its a shame u have to sell!

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bump for a bitc*in bike at a bitc*in price!
Id buy it if i had the money for a tracky

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PART OUT THE SPARESSSS---Please :laughing5
I am now parting out the spares...see my other thread in the parts section. What do you need? Send me a PM.

Thanks J. I know I know...responsibility is no fun. But...I do have the OK (not that I need it of course...:icon_lol:... to buy bigger and better (if that's possible over this bike, I loved her, she rode sooo strong with no problems), when the house thing settles down.
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