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Hey guys. Im selling my 03 and getting a supermoto. So here it is. VIN # will be given at request through PM.

I will start off with that the bike has been down by yours truly. Mothers day of 2012 to be exact. Low speed into grass/sapling trees. I have fixed everything. It was mainly broken fairings and ripped passenger seat.

Ive owned the bike sine 2010. I have recently replaced the fairings with aftermarket ones from auctmarts. Cut frame sliders arent installed yet. I will leave that decision up to the buyer.

Heres a list of maintenance and parts that are on the bike.

Bike currently has 22,xxx miles on it. Its in my friends garage im not sure of the exact mileage. Will update later.

Coolant flush this spring
NGK iridium spark plugs (IMR9C-9HE)
Shell Rotella T6 Oil
OEM air filter

Jardine RT1 slip on with Jardine fender eliminator
Shorty brake and clutch lever
Hot bodies flush mounts. Ive yet to connect them. Rear LED arrow style LED blinkers. Ive also got the tripage flasher relay that needs to be installed
New Driven sprockets and chain installed last year.
Dunlop Q2 tires. Plenty of tread left
New front brake pads
Stabilizer may be sold separately

PRICE: $4300 OBO

The fairings are gloss black with gold decals. I dont have a passenger seat it got torn when the bike went down. The bike has a color matched solo cowl on it. Carbon fiber wind screen. Ive got a dark tinted one too that will come with the bike.

The stands will come with the bike.

Not here to get rich off of my bike here. The bike sat since mothers day last year when i went down at low speed on it. I just recently fixed everything and have ridden it maybe half a dozen times to work. Bike is mechanically sound and runs well. Its a nice bike and Im open to offers. Thanks

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