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This bike just rolled over 10k miles and has been very well taken care of. I am selling it and am planning on replacing it with something a little different. It is in perfect condition with the exception of a tiny nick on the tail and a tiny nick on the right engine cover. It was knocked over in a parking lot late at night but the damage was VERY minimal and you can't really even notice it without it being pointed out. I put on a new set of Metzler M6's at the beginning of this riding season which are not pictured in the pictures. It has never been to the track or abused, it was mainly used as a MPG friendly commuter to and from KU. Stands are not included.

Anyways, let me know if I left any questions unanswered!



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Hey guys. This is kind of a feeler, but Im interested in trading my 99 Impreza 2.5RS for a bike. Im looking for a CBR600RR in the $4-5k range, plus money.

1999 Suby Imp. 2.5RS
~ 113xxx
5 spd
2 door
silverthorn met.
weapon r intake
borla header
stromung HFC
stock catback
H&R springs
V5 STi struts (huge shafts!)
unorthodox underdrive pulley
weapon r FPR
yellow rockblocked lights (can be removed however)
new paint on the entire body except the front &rear bumpers...they have some rash, but the rest of the body is almost perfect (i say almost, because no used car is perfect but this one is close)
Reason for new paint was the entire body was hit by hail, fixed by insurance rec. shop, and repainted. almost a $6k job.
Subaru short shifter
whiteline subframe lock kit
20mm rear swaybar
19mm front swaybar
Kumho Ecsta SPTs

lemme know what you think.


also, has a year old clutch, and a freshly replaced oil pump, water pump, and timing belt...thanks guys.
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