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So I've had a few bikes (F4i, 1000RR) and now I have a 600RR, 2004. When I upshift it doesn't click typically, unless I hit it pretty hard. It usually clicks when I go from 1-2, but 3-4 and up it won't usually click with normal shifting. I just changed the oil (Motul 5100 10w-40) and it shifts even smoother, less clicking now! Is this normal? All my other bikes had a solid click when up OR downshifting. This bike clicks on the downshift but not very often on the upshift.

Also, clutch is a bit worn out. It engages pretty far out, but not extremely far out, so it's still got some life at this point.

One thing I figured I should mention, bike has 16k miles, and when I get off the throttle and get back on, even lightly, it jerks somewhat harder than a typical bike, unless I am at very low RPMs. My 1000RR was not this jerky with the throttle at all (and clicked on every shift).

Is this normal? Is my transmission going out? Someone shed some light on my situation if at all possible, I worry too much about my bike as it is. :(
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