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2004 RR All stock except Viper end can. Used everyday rain or sun.
1000kms from service. 24000kms

Its happened twice so far:
1st Incident
After a heavy downpour bike was out in the rain went to start it in the morning and after like 30 seconds of warming up dropped 2 cylinders. Warmed up till like 70 Celsius and the 2 cylinders started firing again. Must have been the rain.

2nd Incident
Today morning ever since the first incident bike sits in the shade under a tree with a full Pvc cover.Start the bike was warming up then drops a cylinder warms up till about 50 celsius then it starts firing again. When it dropped the cylinder i got a small back fire.

Since the bike was not wet this time could this be the spark plugs telling me there are on the way out?
Any experience of these bikes not being so good in the rain. Do i need to do some waterproofing around the plug leads?
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