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Hi Guys,
Hoping someone can point me in the correct direction here.

I have a 2005 600RR. It has a PC3, Yoshi and K&N filter. Other than that it is stock and in immaculate condition. It has 25,000km on it.

Up until last week it hasn't skipped a beat on me. I had to have an operation and whilst recovering I thought I would change the plugs as per the 24,000km service. I did this without issue. I also rode about 70km afterwards as a test ride. It was perfect.

Now my battery is pretty stuffed here. I need to charge it to start the bike and it also sounds very weak say if I ride 20km, put fuel (gas) in and then take off.

The other day I did just that, left the bike on charge all night. It started I went and got fuel and meet a mate. I then took off and my problem occurred.

As I was accelerating the HISS and MIL light flashed at the same time, whilst this occurred I lost all power. This was occurring for the next 1km in an on and off motion. Quite scary as it was bucking forward and backward. Lucky I wasn't on the track. I rode home, it didn't skip a beat. I checked all the coil packs / plugs that I replaced and went for a ride of 150km. It didn't skip a beat. I still don't trust it but want to get to the bottom of it and hence this post

So I haven't read the MIL code but just wondering if anyone has experienced similar. I have had the OEM YUASA battery die on this bike in 2009 and it didn't miss a beat, other than not start.

My thoughts are it is battery related. If I missed a sole plug or had a loose connection wouldn't it just drop a cylinder. This was all power lost and very violent.

Any suggestions or comments are appreciated.

Shane Baldacchino
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