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2005 cbr 600rr rode fine! Now a disaster help please!

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fixed the issue thanks!
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wow 37 views and not one person could take time to help out?
when you turn your key to on with the kill switch engaged can you hear your fuel pump priming?

could be a bad ground
Well, lets look at all the facts.

1) Bike cranks. - Not a battery issue.
2) No dash lights - a wiring issue.
3) Indicator lights staying on/lit - a wiring issue

Blah, blah, blah - All comes down to a wiring issue. I SUGGEST you take the fairings off and start tracing the wires from the HID's back into the wiring harness and checking to see that the wires are Soldered into the main loom and well insulated/taped up. From what you describe, something has rubbed, caught, worn and is causing an error to the ECU. Remember that the wires that go to the dash also go to all other sorts of things, like indicators, kill switches, clutch switches brake lights, head lights and so forth.

For the power commander, make sure it is grounded properly and that ALL the plugs are connected solidly to the fuel rails and the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) which is a real little PITA to get to.

Good luck and I will be interested to see how you go.
Ground box, left hand side below the seat.

Same as Jake:
so based off reading that post , and looking at the picture, i have to remove the rear faring? to get to the ground box? then im just supposed to clean it and reconnect?
You shouldn't need to remove the rear fairing but you will need to pull the seat off, that should give you enough room to get the harness from out underneath the fairing...

here is a couple more pics:

Here we go:

And a closer view:

When I was pulling on the wires, everything fired up just fine. I shut the bike off and turned it on again, and I still had the same problem. I gave them another tug, and everything came on again. I suspect that it's intermittantly shorting somewhere near here, but I can't seem to make it do it again.
okay going down stairs now!
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