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Yes, that's the actual price; and no, there is nothing wrong with it. Got it by someone trading this for a Busa i got from collecting on a debt. Figured someone in here would want a great deal.
The bike has 17,500 miles on it. Its also been geared for some time, so milage isn't quite that much. Has Galfer lines all the way around, as well as Sato frame sliders. Not sure of the undertail, but its a nice one that was base/cleared to match the bike. Still sporting the 530 chain, but is down one up front and up a couple in the rear. Good tires. The rear seat is double padded cause apparently this person rode 2 up a lot. Has some gold fastners. The stock windscreen is painted the same color of the wings. Lastly, the bike will come with stock cans.
The bike did tip over on the left side in what appears to have been gravel, or rough black top. I provided plenty of pics to show the blems. Nothing is going to fall apart, and you can't see the stuff from 5 feet away, but the upper is crack around the base of the mirror and where it meets the mid by the frame. It also shows some minor scrapes on the outer most edge. There is a mar on the frame slider that is baaaarely visible. As you will see in the picture the tank got a few chips. I looked close and didn't see any metal around there, so i think we're good there. On the upper right side of the tank there are 2 more dents/dings. It was extremely hard to get them to show up on camera, but i think i just did get it. You should be able to see them as i am pointing to them.
Other than that it is a great bike. Solid in every way. It does have 17.5k miles on it that's why it's priced it accordingly.

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