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I'm not easily able to check PMs please email me instead.....

My 2005 600rr went down this July and unfortunately the insurance company has totaled my bike. I’ll be unable to ride while I go through injury therapy so I’m going to liquidate some of my left over gear. This would all just sit in my garage and collect dust anyways…so I’d rather put them up in case it has use to another 600rr member.

I will only accept PayPal payments. Shipping UPS ground inside the usual 48 states. I will send tracking numbers to you as I ship these out. I can’t check my 600RR.NET account very frequently so please email me at [email protected] and I’ll get back to you.

PayPal is [email protected]

Pending [$40 shipped]
2003-2005 (should also cover 2006) Honda/Helm service manual.

SOLD [$80 shipped]
2005-06 600rr OEM rear sets - powder coated satin black, includes brake switch, and both heel guards.

Pending [$75 shipped]
Brand new Michelin Power Pilot front tire – I never got to install this front to go along with the rear tire

[$80 shipped]
2005-06 600rr passenger pegs – powder coated satin black, TriPageLED work, 12 amber LEDs in the rear, 8 amber LEDs in the side, OEM harness connectors attached to wires already, have pics on how I installed them, one small scuff on right peg easy to touch up with model paint.

[$100 plus shipping costs (awkward item)]
2005-06 600rr OEM rear swingarm - powder coated satin black, includes pivot bolt and bushings, also have unused Pro-Link decals and extra dust seals to throw in.

SOLD [$100 plus shipping costs (awkward item)]
Pitbull rear stand – spool type, single handle, forward lever, includes 8mm thread spools for the 600rr, not used more than 2 months and in mint shape

[$120 plus shipping costs (awkward item)]
Pitbull front stand and stem converter – fork end lift with just the stand, stem lift with the converter and included Honda size stem adapter. Never used.


I’ll throw in a new K&N oil filter with the first person who wants one or both of the stands.

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Holy flood of emails and PMs..............

I've sent emails with shipping costs to all the first comers. Once I hear back and see PayPals I'll ship parts out. Anything left over will go to the second person that contacted me. So if you have emailed me or PMed me (I did get PMs to work for now) I have you written down for seconds. Thanks


***sent out some more emails to people second in line***
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