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Hey all. this hurts to put up here, but it needs to go.

I purchased an almost brand new 2006 CBR 600RR a few months back for my then wife. it had no bodywork, so i put on a set of those ebay "REPSOL" replica sets, 2007 color scheme....they mounted up relatively decent, but still have some flaws when inspected up close. things went south between her and I, so now it;s time to go. I just don't have the money to maintain a third bike ( i already have my street and track bike), and have too many bills to pay right now.

on to the bike, here are the details:

2006 CBR600RR
891 Miles
Clean/Clear title in hand
REPSOL bodywork
amber hotbodies flushmounts

pretty much in absolute perfect condition...I've been by some of the local dealers, and this one was cleaner than their 06 600rr's. I will be losing money on this deal, but I'm leaving florida september 5th and it just needs to be sold by then, as I have nowhere to keep it (i'm taking my 2 other bikes on the back of my truck). All I'm looking for is $ mortgage is starting to take a toll on my budget.

I've had alot of people call me about it, but nobody ever follows through to actually come take a look at it. money talks and bs walks. If you're seriously interested, you can give me a call at (305) 215-5859, anytime (that's my cell)

I will deliver for free within the following area: palm beach county to the keys.

here are some pics. take it easy guys

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