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Hello everyone! as the rattle problems intensify, I will post my findings here, as I believe it may be the cause of alot of unsolved rattles with this line of bikes.

For some time now I have been struggling to find the cause of a rattle on my bike, which seems to come between 3k-6k rpm and can be easily confused with CCT/Cam Chain problems. After replacing the CCT and the Cam Chain with the guides, the noise was still there.

Now, the problem is I have a new and an old oil pump (which is good and within specs), they make the exact same noises. I removed the water pump and the oil filter when spinning the pump. Oil comes out nice, but that noise, I just cannot figure it out what would make it, I havent taken the oil sump cover off yet as I am hoping for some input on this before I do so. When I listened for the noise, it's loudes on the clutch basket side just below it, so it has to be this.

Any opinions? maybe we can solve this together once and for all as it's not the CCT/Cam Chain noise

Thank you

UPDATE: Afterall this turned out to be a bloody CCT issue, the manual one needs to be on the tighter side it seems.
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