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I am selling my motorcycle which i have worked on, lived with for the last year and a half.
Asking Price: $5,000
VIN : JH2PC370X6M312574

iv had this bike for over a year and a half now the title is clean. The fairings are brandnew and look awesome in person with a pearl white and glossy black. Has Morimotto projectors with a yellow and white LED halo. Seats are custom. The bike has 3 Power commander units in it, One is the Power Commander 5 fuel injection module for the bottom row of injectors. The other is Power Commander 5 Secondary fuel module which does the top row of injectors total of all 8 injectors are fueled by the power commander. The third and most important one is it has the Power Commander 5 Autotune which tunes the AFR in the system from the tail pipe. Basically you ride it and tune it. Its basically a Dyno right on the bike. It will change the AFR to the percent you set and you can modify the fuel tables. Currently it is set to have a fuel table for each gear, you can tune each gear independently for the best AFR ratio.

Oil has always been full synthetic Rotella T6

more photos located here

Damage over the years
has been in two crashes, one was a get off which the bike dropped over when i went off course into grass and dirt and got thrown off, the bike continued to ride without me because of physics till slowed down cause of stalling and fell over. Second time i dont remember i fell off the bike waking up unconscious. forks were bent and replaced with 2008 forks and a 2008 front wheel cause i got a heck of a deal. plastics and all damage was fixed and replaced and looked over at a shop.
Both incidents did not affect the motor and has been checked for issues.

Dynojet Power commander 5
Dynojet Power Commander 5 secondary Fuel Module
Dynojet Power Commander 5 auto tune
2008 600rr forks
2008 600rr triple tree
2008 brakes and rotors
2008 front rim
2008 Front fender
Spiegler Break Lines
Stock sprockets
Speed DRD
RK X ring 525 chain
Bi-xenon: Morimoto Mini 4300k Projectors and white & yellow LED halos
Street Skins Seat
Akrapovic Carbon Exhaust
Modified Stock Header
DP Clutch Kit
NGK Iridium Spark Plugs
Pair Block off plates
Clean Air crank case mod
K&N Filter
Spy 5000m Alarm
Aftermarket Mirrors
Shinko Raven tires
Aftermarket Clipons with Vortex Bars
Manual Cam Chain tensioner

I am selling this bike to try to get my life on track with college and my business.

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This is a great deal.
It is a good deal. Unfortunately, if OP doesn't put up the correct info to comply with the forum rules, it's going to get taken down.

GLWS OP! I love the fairings!
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