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2006 CBR600RR Race Bike - Rebuilt Motor - $3250

Sold Thanks!

The time has come to sell my race bike. I've owned this guy for about 3 years almost now and it's been a fantastic bike but it's come time to sell.

From what I understand this bike has been a race bike for a good number of years, if not from the beginning of its life. I do not have the title for it or any original street parts because of this.

3 months ago we went through and completely rebuilt the motor, full deal. All new bearings top and bottom, all new seals, total valve job, head ground, deck the head slightly and some minor porting for better flow as well as little porting here and there for better oil flow where we could. Bike purrs beautifully, seriously runs better than a brand new bike, it came together super nice. In addition to all the bearings and seals we went through and replaced the oil, water pump, clutch, and a handful of some aging rubber lines. Bike has 3 track days and 3 race weekends since the rebuild, maybe 1000 miles.

At the same time the motor was out went through and basically disassembled the frame, replacing or removing/cleaning/re-greasing all the bearings. Things like the movement of the rear linkage alone now is shockingly better as it was in need of some care. There wasn't a single bearing or rotating part that went untouched in this bike when we took it apart. Totally worth it.

Has a new gauge cluster on it but it's set in metric. Works perfectly I only ever use it for tach and temperature

Had the bike tuned on 91 pump and made 108.4 rwhp. I've got the dyno sheet if anyone is curious to see, just message me

Running water wetter and full synthetic Lucas Oil, change every other race weekend.

Anyway on to the mod list!

VIN: I'll grab this tonight, away from the bike atm standby!

2006 CBR600RR
Rebuilt motor - ~1000 miles or so
Completely drilled/safety wired
03/04 Hotbodies Bodywork (fits pretty well)
Vortex clip-on bars
Renthal Grips
GPR Stabilizer
Vortex Rearsets (gp/regular shift - set on gp)
Full Akropovic Titanium exhaust
Woodcraft Case Slider
Woodcraft Flywheel/Case Cover
Vortex Frame Sliders
OES rear spools
520 chain conversion
Vortex sprockets f/r - spare alternate rear sprocket
EBC HH Brake pads, just 2 track days
Ebay Levers
Silicon Radiator Hoses
Thermostat Delete w/blockoffs
Galfer SS Brake lines
RaceTech Rear Shock
RaceTech Cartridge Kit - Rebuilt both end of last season (5 race weekends)
Power Commander III - 91 pump tune by Fast Line in Fremont

It's possible I'm missing something or a few things. Regardless, it's ready to race. Comes with a full set of spare wheels front and rear as well as another front that has a slight bend in it. Currently outfitted with a set of Dunlop Medium slicks, rear has another track day in it, front has a ton of life. Also will be included a bunch of random spare parts like extra fuel pump, some rear set parts, extra levers, aluminum radiator etc I've collected some stuff over the years here for it.

Will not come with stands or warmers sorry I need those!

Bike is located in Santa Rosa, CA

Looking for $3000 No trades



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