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2006 Honda CBR 600rr here

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I feel funny introducing myself 3 years after I bought my bike and have since been lurking on this forum haha. First motorcycle I bought with no experience and it was a great bike to learn on.

Unfortunately my roommate just flipped it end over end the other day, I bought it back from insurance so I'm now working through trying to see about fixing it :cursin:
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welcome to the site man, damn that sucks, how bad is the damage.
Meh, could be worse I guess. I can drive it, starts right up, shifts, brakes fine. Problem is the wobble in the back, I rode it from the tow yard at about 35mph is the fastest I went, but something is out of wack in the back. Trying to figure out what that is now...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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