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Well I was hoping to get the wife to learn how to ride but seeing as it's been 4 months and she's put 2 miles on it that is seemingly not going to happen. I have to say that it really doesn't bother me as I was totally paranoid and a basket case when she was learning on it. Since we just got her a new convertible she really doesn't need this in the garage and as much as I think it's cool we really don't need it.

So its a 2006 Honda Reflex with a Givi Trunk with about 500 miles on it. It tipped over once when she was learning and it put a small crack (hardly noticable) on the left turn signal, other then that it's perfect. It will do 80+ mph with my butt on it (I'm 240lbs) with no problem and cruise all day at 70+mph with no effort. I've averaged about 60mpg with it in my little errand running and it has tons of storage under the seat and in the Givi Trunk. If you need a little runabout or you have someone who wants to learn and get out and ride this is the perfect machine and it's as close to brand spankin new as you can get. They retail at $5499, you can get them with zero miles new for about $5k so I'm asking $4500 OBO. I have the means to deliver it if it's reasonable (something I can do in a day and for a nominal fee if it's to far).

I can get some better pics but this is what I currently have of it:

Obviously it's the little blue one next to the CBR

You can contact me thru PM or email: [email protected]
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