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I have a 2006 600r purchased direct through Erion Racing back in late 2006 early 2007 comes with MSO, I know in some cases people have taken an mso and titled a bike. The bike has less than 3k miles on it as this bike has only been designated for track days only and I am selling as I've come to realize that the bike is just not getting used enough and realistically I know I will likely not been doing many if any track days because of too many family events on the weekends.
No stock lights or other parts as I've sold those long ago.
The only thing I was going to do to the bike was to reroute the clutch line and perhaps change the clutch lever as well because I am very particular as to how I like the clutch to engage and when I like to feel it engage on the level itself the one on bike currently is a crg clutch assembly I believe I still have the stock one which I would include
There is a fault code that appears but that's because I've removed all the street stuff not necessary for the track.
If you were going to continue to use the Bazzaz mapping I would go have a dyno done as I know it's not optimized
HRC ECU stock one is available as well for free
STM Slipper Clutch no motor mods
BST Wheels
Brembo rear
Mono block brake calipers off a 2012 Honda CBR 1000r
Attack Triple clamps
lithium battery
aluminum sub frame
Giles chain adjusters and lifters
stainless lines
febur radiator with oil cooler
Brand new Pirelli DOT Race tires SC2 compound front and rear
aluminum fairing stay
samco hoses
ohlins steering damper
Full Ti exhaust akrapovic
Thumb brake from GP Tech
rear ohlins shock
Front ohlins 25mm carts in forks
CRG rearsets
Billet brembo front brake M/C
Bazzaz Traction control, quick shifter, module
Vortex clip ons
Front floating Brembo rotors
Rear Brake tech rear rotor
quick turn throttle
Carbon Fiber air intake tubes
The bike comes with the stock tank with votex gas cap and pump, the aluminum tank seen in the photos is a 2.9 gallon custom tank made that I had done, I was basically trying to see how light I could make the bike, I have yet to take weight measurements on the bike with the aluminum tank.
The aluminum tank is available however at a cost of $600.00 the person purchasing the bike gets first right of refusal but that is a separate purchase from the bike. There is foam currently in the tank so the fuel gauge does not work there is no room for the arm to move up or down.
I know there are some details that I am leaving out such as a few ti bolts and pieces etc
Total: $6,900.00 this is with stock tank
I am located in Thousand Oaks, CA
I have more feedback on 1000rr under the same user name


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I am getting numerous requests for parting out the bike on a number of forums that will be a consideration however at the moment it will remain as a package deal, if I get a serious offer on the motor and frame I might part out.

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If you decide to part, I'll take the clutch-side case protector
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