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OK all... here's my problem. Its the 4th. And raining. So no riding my buell right now. So i decided to pull the 600 outta the corner and work on it sum more.

Fuel pump primes. Jumped BAS (making sure it works). New plugs. (they are getting spark). Drained fuel and put fresh fuel in. Changed the Cam Pulser Sensor. New oil change. Checked all fuses and wire's. Tryed the Full throttle start. Attempt 20+ times, Nothing.

1st code was a 18 blink. Changed the Cam Pulser sensor. No more code.
2nd code was 19 blinks. Ignition sensor (cant find it).
3rd code was a 16 and 17. Cleaned injectors. No more code.

Any help??? Bike cranks, wants to start. Just doesnt turn over completly.
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