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I'm going to copy and paste from my craigslist ad, forgive me. PRICE DROP 5/22

I am selling a dearly loved, 2007 Honda CBR600RR with just less then 5000 miles. Purchased here locally, title is in hand. Do not want to sell it but I haven't ridden it as much as I used to and will be able to even less in the future since I am moving North and am a Marine. Bike has been babied, has had first oil change, will need another in about 500-1000 miles; I was planning on switching to full synthetic. Is in great shape. Has been SET DOWN (not dropped, not laid down on the move, never while riding, etc) twice. First time was by a clueless friend, we caught it but it still had to be set on its side. Scuffed the fairing a little (front, about .2"x1") and the clutch cover. All cosmetic. Second time was to "test" the frame sliders-so it was set down on one side. Scuffed a slider up. I'm not trying to hide anything so that's full disclosure for you. Never been wheelied, once. No stoppies either. Just ridden. And as sad as I am to admit it-never a track day either. If I didn't have to, I wouldn't be selling this. Bike includes:

Leo Vince aluminum SBK slip on
Puig double bubble blue windscreen
factory exhaust, tail section, windscreen
Custom license plate bracket (uses LEDs-had to move it because of the new law)
Clear alternatives 1000rr taillight with integrated turn signals, is clear
blue led lighting (unhooked for now but easy to hook back up) with switch
Front wheel stand for trailers (bolts to floor)
2x onguard beast 5' chains, about 25 pounds and $120 each but indestructible
Shogun no cut frame sliders
Proton flush mount turn signals (best out there-3 modes-strobe, fast flash, slow fade-very bright, $120 for the pair)
Bike cover
Shoei rf-1000 helmet
Honda spray polish (best stuff ever)
Chain lube
RF ipod remote (is attached to handlebars, has peice that attaches to ipod so you can control it from your bars)

Slip on sound clip:¤t=MOV-0012.flv

I am looking for 7350 NOW 7150!. If you are interested in anything below in conjunction we can work things out. You would need a truck or trailer to pick it up since it will come with some stock parts too.

I also have several other related items if you are interested-puma flat2 riding boots, setup race boots, alpinestars stunt blue textile jacket, teknic 2 pc leather suit with brand new joe rocket pucks, shoe x11 helmet, hjc helmet..we can talk deals.

Bike is pictured below, contact me with any questions.


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nice ride, shame its going away.
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