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I just did and oil change on the front forks. All I did was open the fork, dumped the oil, closed the top, pumped (compressed) the fork, opened the top, dumped the oil. I repeated the pump and dump 5 times or so until there was no more oil dripping. I put 400ml of new 10w racetech oil (us-2), screwed the top, compressed the shock 10 times, opened the top, screwed the top, compressed another 10 times to make sure all the air was purged, then closed the fork, cleaned the chrome rod, removed the dust seals, greased the oil seals, compressed the shock to work the grease inside the seal, put the dust seal back on, cleaned the chrome rod again, and then installed the forks back on the bike.

These were instructions given by Dave Moss.

After installing the forks back on the bike, I adjusted the preload, rebound and compression setting back to stock as a starter (2 turns from hard for the compression, 2.5 turns from hard for the rebound), and 5 turns from soft for the preload).After a test (pushed on the front), the front end pretty much lifted from the floor. I tightened the rebound all the way down and the forks were still slightly bouncing. Like I said I followed the instruction Dave Moss has on his website (his 1000rr video, which he said was basically the same).

If anyone asks, the fork seals were changed 2000 miles ago but felt the oil was too thin so that’s why I decided to just change oil. I had a repair shop to change the seals.

Is there something I did wrong or I should do?

Oh and I did take the forks off again and made sure the rebound rod was at 10.8mm from the top.
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