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I originally bought this in 2010 as a very well taken care of street bike with the intention of converting it to a race bike. I changed out the body work (painted by David Tovar of and prepped it with mods and full safety wiring and raced it at WSMC in 2010 and WERA West in 2011. Oil was changed regularly with Alisyn ProDrive 21 oil. List of mods below.

It has been down 3 times; twice were low speed crashes resulting in cosmetic damage and minor bits needing replacement the third was a high-speed low-side in turn 9 at Big Willow. Following the high-speed crash the bike was completely stripped down and cleaned, re-aligned by Mackie and rides perfect.

Currently the bike has 13,214 miles of which 1,200 are racing/track miles. Since I did not have the means to race in 2012 I decided to “street” the bike in 2013 so registration is good until April of 2014 and the bike comes with headlight, taillight and plate mounted. Even still I only rode it on the street twice and other than pulling it out and warming it up it sits in my garage. As you can see in the pics it comes with 2 uppers; one for street the other for track and lights/plate are easy to remove/put back on.

I am selling because I am starting a business and could use the extra cash not to mention it’s a shame for such a great bike to sit there collecting dust (no telling when I’ll get back to the track). This is a really good bike for a track-day enthusiast or amateur/newbie racer as it also comes with a lot of spares that will come in handy.

Asking price is $5,500 and that includes everything. Please PM me with any questions thanks.

VIN: JH2PC40197M001292


Full Arrow exhaust (stainless steel w/ titanium mid)
Vortex rearsets
ASV levers
Ohlins TTX36
RaceTech gold valves
Renthal grips
Digital gear indicator
SS brake lines
Gilles chain adjuster
Power Commander 3
Built in AMB transponder

Spares (Many of these spares were given to me by Josh Hayes that were left over from his days with Erion)

2 sets of wheels both mounted w/ Dunlop GPAs
Street upper w/ headlight cut out
Headlight/tail light
Various street fairings and parts
Air filter
Clutch disks
Slipper clutch disks
Tokiko brake pads
ASV shorty clutch lever (gold)
Cush drive w/ extra set of spare rubber bumpers
Woodcraft clip-on mounts
Drive gears:
Vortex (size: 15, 16)
Driven (size: 15, 16×2, 17×2)
Sprockets (size: 42, 43×3, 44×3, 45, 46, 47)
Quick change rear axle nut


Woodcraft rear stand
DMP front stand

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