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I have a 2007 CBR 600 RR with about 10,000 miles. It started to have problems like the battery was dying, would have a hard time turning over and starting slowly. Soon engine would not turn over at all.

Bought a new battery and replaced it, but it would not turn over. Hear a clicking sound coming from the magnetic starter relay from under the seat. The relay jingled like something was loose inside, so I bought a new one and replaced that.

I have checked all fuses, kickstand, and kill switch. When turning the key, the speedo does its thing, fuel pump primes, all lights turn on, no codes, everything works properly. I have tried to jump start with a car, no luck. Don't know if my starter has taken a crap or what else it could be.

I have read many other posts, yet no one seems to have this problem. Engine primes, everything works fine, but when I hit the starter, i just get a click from the magnetic stater relay and it does not turn over. CAN ANYONE HELP WITH SUGGESTIONS OF WHAT ELSE TO TRY?? THANKS!
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