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Well I am selling my 2007 cbr 600rr
Bike has a salvage title due to cosmetic damage. fairings where broken and rashed. The bike is straight with no major damage. Rims, frame, forks, motor, are straight. Gauges also have no damage and the bike has 6300 miles on it. Tis would make a great stunter or everyday rider/stunter. All light connections are there and I have a the right headlight for it in mint condition. reartail light and turnsignals also work fine.
damage : not much
rear brake lever is bent (usable)
rip in rear seat
fairings (obviously)

for a few hundred dollars this bike could be put back to street, pass inspection and read to ride.
bike is in Canton OHIO
I don't want to sell but wife is loosing her job and this would help pay the bills.

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