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From craigslist...

"For sale I have a Black 2007 Honda CBR 600rr with 8,xxx miles. This CBR has original Honda plastics from a 2012 model CBR that have been fitted to look just like a 2009-2012.(side engine covers)

Bike is in great condition. Has brand new front tire, brake fluid recently flushed, oil changed, ASV levers for clutch and brake, integrated led brake/rear turn signals with different mode settings and integrated front turn signals. Has an amazing sounding Two brothers slip on exhaust. Needs a new rear tire in the near future.

Clean title in hand, will only take CASH in person.


If interested please email me
Thank You."

It does have the exhaust I want, and I like the fairings, I'm just wondering if it was wrecked and that's why he replaced them. Also, I wonder if they fit correctly. Questions I'll definitely ask him.

He finally emailed me back after 5 days saying he was busy recently, but is going to add more pictures. I'll update once I go look at it (hopefully monday or tuesday (4/14-4/15)).

Anyway, opinions?
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