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Hey guys. Not too familiar with the wiring of the bike yet.
Situation is:

I put some LED indicators on the rear, and some flushmount indicators on hte front. They all worked fine, but flashed fast.

I bought the appropriate relay fix off eBay.

Fitted the new relay yesterday and checked to see if my indicators were all flashing slower. 3/4 were perfect! Flashing at correct speed. But I noticed one was dead...

Not sure how long it has been dead for.
Tests I conducted were:

1. Check connectors- fine.
2. Switch back stock relay to see if the new one was dodgy. No change- blinkers went back to being fast, and rear right still didnt do anything.
3. Switched the plugs to rear indicators to see if it was the LED or its associated wiring. Both indicators worked on the left side. So its not the actual indicator itself.

So from this I have deduced the indicator and its wires/plugs are fine.
Not related to the relay.

Where to go from here? Front right works, so I dont think its switch related. Its got to be something to do with the wiring for the rear right indicator, right?

I do have a slip-on exhaust with heatshield removed.. so could have melted a wire perhaps?

Thanks for any advice on how to find the problem.

I guess first step would be to get a multimeter and see if wires are receiving 12V? But they wont be. Then where to follow the path from there? Is there a fuse or something? Or should I pull fairings and follow wiring to see if exhaust has melted something?

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