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2007 cbr600rr secondary injectors

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Ok so I'm seeming to have issues. When riding the bike normally about 7k or so. When the secondary injectors turn on the bike has tons of power. Lately that's not the case. Seems to be falling off around then and by 9-11k it plains and just sits at those rpm. And really won't go over it. So I pulled the tank cover and opened the airbox. The secondary injectors are not turning on when the bike is in neutral and not under load. I'm not sure if there is anything that won't allow them to turn on in neutral. I checked the constant power to those secondary injectors and they have a constant 12v. In the morning I plan on unplugging one secondary injector proving the lead and going for a ride to see if they are getting voltage when the ecm is switching there grounds. But if anyone has any pointers and can steer me in a better direction please let me know. I could also use a better wiring diagrams if anyone has any. I'm sure I worded something wrong in there but again if anyone can help id greatly appreciate it.
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If anyone has had similar issues and know what the cause is because I am experiencing the same problem. I have a 2007 600RR. I am not sure about the injectors but my bike is having the same issues. Thanks in advance for any advice
Did OP ever get this sorted?

Is there a specific reason you think its the injectors? I had a similar issue once when I had attempted to make the exhaust servo motor always open. I had welded the valve open and removed the servo itself, worked like a charm for a while till the weld broke, then I had no power in higher RPM.

My point is there could be MANY reasons for the bike to act this way, just curious how you got to the secondary injectors.

Also, are there any mods to the bike.
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