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The bike was involved in a minor lowside which spooked the previous owner out of ridding. I bought it off of him with the intentions of fixing it up and making some profit on it. Now I just want my money out of it so I can enjoy ridding again!!!

Bike has a clean and clear title in hand and 5,200 on the odometer.

Price is $6700

for the way it looks in the pictures, or I can take off the good fairings and lower the price. Alternatively I could also order the front piece which is the last fairing the bike will need and bump the price up just a bit.

I've put about 3000 miles on the bike since I bought it so you know it runs and drives just fine. This thing is a lot more powerful than the 06 600rr I used to have with bmc race filter, pcIII and exhaust.

If you are interested in the bike please email me at [email protected]
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