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2008 stator headache

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Good day
A little back story I’m rebuilding a bike that was crashed and my build is almost complete I’m just having a weird charging issue. I put a new stator in and when testing directly from the stator leads if there is any current coming through I get no reading with the old lightbulb trick. Although the stator passes all the static tests. I then got it swopped out at the shop and I have the same issue. My guess is it must be the fly wheel but the fly wheel is very magnetic how it’s supposed to be
So I am completely lost on what to do or check.
could it be that the stators were wounded wrong ?
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@dannoxyz What do you mean ? Im testing the stator directly from its plug im not running it through the RR and testing it through the battery. When I did the voltage test on the battery itself with the full charging system connected it wasnt charging the battery. So I isolated the issue down to the stator and when testing the stator alone from its connectors i get no current
I did the AC volatage test. I figured out the issue tho. The motorcycle shop kept giving me CBR1000RR stators even tho its the same size and stuff and fits it wasnt working. I put a 600RR one on and it works now
Was a very silly issue
Thanks so much for the help
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Glad you figure it out. So the question remains...what's the difference in the two stators? PIN Connectors/wiring color code different?
I was trying to figure that out too because theyre the exact same size and when you get the stator you have to put the original pin connector back on so it has something to do with how the stator is wrapped i assume
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