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2009 600rr Starting Problem/No Spark

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09 cbr 600 rr no spark issue fuel pump priming replaced stator and rectifier also crankshaft position sensor
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Hi and welcome!

What's background on this bike?
When was last time it worked perfectly?
What happened between then and now?

Stator and rectifier have absolutely nothing to do with ignition. Put original parts back on bike. Unless you bought brand-new factory OEM parts from authorised Honda dealer, then leave them on.

It is most likely broken wire somewhere. Which is easy to find with multimeter. Cheap too as you won't have to buy single part. Just little solder and some tape and bike's fixed for good! Do you have multimeter and know how to measure voltage and resistance (ohms)? This is 5-min fix with multimeter, or less in many cases.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts