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...2009 Cbr 600RR W/ABS

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Hello RR fam!! I'm a newbie is my first motorcycle and I love it so far...few mods already...two brothers slip on ...DDM HID's...XK led kit...more to come hopefully......Tone:ciao:
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welcome man! Ive got the same bike in metallic black and love it also!
...sweet!! ...I see u got the Tripage IT..I got the bike with a eliminator kit already on but i dont like it ..thinks its called Targa...Im gonna junk that and install the Tripage..Ill post pic of my bike....
I need to post some of mine, I've been to lazy too lol

Yeah the tripage looks great however my buddies TST is significantly brighter debating on which one to get ...Have u heard/seen one by custom led called Blaster X ?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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