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I realize this is a Honda forum, but I'm hoping someone here has knowledge of the newer Ninja 300s that might be able to help.

A friend has a 2014 Ninja 300 she bought for a boyfriend. He rode it back and forth to Austin for work, and they've since broken up. He gave the bike back because it wasn't running right. The bike sat in her garage for probably 4-5 months, having never been started. She found out I ride, and asked me to take a look at it.

I had her get the battery charged (and buy a new one just in case) before I came over to look at it. Old battery wouldnt hold a charge, so I put in the new one. Bike would crank, but wouldnt start. I took it home with me to troubleshoot more. I managed to get the bike to start by roll starting it down a hill, and it would run for a short time but if the RPM dropped too low it would always die. I changed out the old gas for some fresh stuff, and put in 2 new spark plugs. Magic, the bike will now start as it should!!

The problem I'm currently experiencing is that the idle is too low, so if I'm not holding the throttle open a little bit, the bike won't sit there and idle. I read up on the idle control valve, and I have that turned all the way up. It still only tries to idle at barely 1000 rpm, dying any time I take my hand off the throttle. Any suggestions on how to resolve this so that she can sell it and get it off her hands? (I've searched the ninja forums and haven't found a good suggestion to try yet, so I'm not a total noob here)
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