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Hey guys, so I'm new to this forum and just noticed you guys have a video game thread so I figured I would post my services.

Like the title states, 360 games for 10 bucks. How? Pirated of course. How can you play pirated 360 games? Its not like pirated movies unfortunately. It comes with a bit of modification to your Disc drive in your xbox. But dont turn away yet. ITS WORTH IT! I havent paid for a video game since battlefield 3 came out(which I got for free).

How can I mod my disc drive? I recommend unless you're highly computer proficient just to go on your local craigslist and look for someone who offers "XBOX FLASHING SERVICE" They usually only charge about 20-25 bucks and it takes only 30 mins.

After you get your xbox flashed you can use pirated games on Dual Layer discs. NO YOU WILL NOT GET CAUGHT. As long as you dont play games connected to Live before theyre released. I had Halo 4 a month before it was released and I beat the campaign. Hows that for a head start?


1. Get your xbox flashed by searching on craigslist for someone who offers that service.

2. Request ANY game from myself I will burn and mail you the disc for 10 bucks.

Hows that for a sweet deal? Sounds sketchy but I promise you it IS worth it. You save so much and you dont have to worry about paying 120 bucks a game after all the DLC. Yes you'll have to buy DLC/Online pass's. But thats a lot better than having to pay the whole thing.

Hit me up if you have questions or are interested.

Add me on Live GT: The False Cross
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