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50's style rat rr

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well once again the paint bug has bitten me, a while back i was going to go with the wwII paint scheme with nose art and the whole bit. I decided to just pay a full year of tuition for my daughters school so i was thinking about a flat black with some old school pinstripes. i'm trying to pick up a 55 ford and i think it would look sick with an old school rat and a newer rat bike...............comments questions???????
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choppers, cruisers...hell yea, that looks awesome. Sportbike?!? ehhhh...I don't know! But hey, I'd be interested to see how it comes out. Would def be different from the rest
yeah thats what im thinking it would deff be different and not to flashy but hmmmmmmm would i get more poop from the chopper crowd or the sportbike crowd lol
Don't worry about what others think man. I understand just asking what people think of it but if you truely like the idea, I say go for it. Atleast you're doing something different. Post pics when she's done!
hopefully i'm going to start sanding her down this coming weekend it should only take about two days to get it done. once its all done the pin striper is only going to charge 100 to do the whole bike, all by hand nice and old school!
You should try to get some spoked rims :)
You should consider the same paint scheme that's on the old Cafe Racer in my Avatar. I can see that working out pretty nice.

Here's a duc with WWII two paint..
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^^^^^ sick i wish my bank account liked that look as much as i do
I don't think this would look good, not with a RR.

My track bike is Hot rod flat black stage 1 paint no clear. I was watching Trucks on spike and they did it with Flat clear coat. I should have put a flat clear coat on mine. I couldn't find flat clear locally so I just said screw it!

This winter Im going back to the Red/blk... maybe some yellow.
AlpineJim said:

Here's a duc with WWII two paint..

I rode with the guy who's bike that is he is a real cool guy.
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