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I know I shouldn't really be bickering over my MPG when I have a motorcycle.

When I baby it, I use to be able to get 45-50mpg which was when I first got it. The carbs have been completely cleaned in and out. Each jet, the floats were good, no carbon build up. Spark plugs changed 5000 miles ago, so they should still be good. Now I do ride it everyday, between city and highway. 50/50.

Now I only get 35-38 on average. Worst I've got before was 31

Chain is good condition, and has proper tension
tires are at proper pressure
Running 91 of course.
I changed the oil ~2100 miles ago with Shell T6 5W40
City RPM range 3k-5k. Highway was 75-80 between 6-7k
And I'm not doing any WOT's in this picture below. This is the whole month of September. (ignore services in the prices)

The only thing I can think of maybe it's the winter blend fuel in Cali already being pushed out.

I could be totally overreacting, but as my first motorcycle, I'm just curious what else. The only thing maybe the valves need to be adjusted since I don't know what was done before prior to me owning it
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