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OK! back to school time... and i had a few questions to get some new ideas.. and see what everyone else is doing

1) Riding your motorcycle to school... where do you put your parking pass? i dont want to put it on my fender , was thinking about putting it on a bike lock and puttin the lock on my bike..

2) What do you do with your helmet? i carry mine, but left it in my class last semester. .got me a bit worried i might forget it again and next time i wouldnt be so lucky to find it. i dont want to leave it on my bike.. the strap can get cut.

3) What backpack do you use? one for your helmet? i have a shoei backpack but with a helmet in it its too big...

4) I ride to school at 7:00 am.. its fa-reezing.. get out at 3.. its HOT! .... carrying a jacket around is a pain.. any ideas? maybe a textile would be a better idea than a leather....

Let me know what you guys do! i have class tomorrow and have to get my ducks in a row before class hehe.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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