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Ok guys buy this stuff before I have to put it on ebay!

1)PCIII USB for 05-06- I believe it will fit 03-04 with a map loaded...Just the unit itself, cable got lost in the move- SOLD

2)Clear Alternatives Integrated taillight- has resistor, used but no damage- SOLD

3)Comp Werkes FE- no signals, tag bracket and stick on light w/ factory connector- SOLD

4)Gas tank 03-06- No damage, no gas cap, no fuel pump- $45

5)Fuel pump- $20

6)03-04 Complete wiring harness including plug leads, fuses, all connectors- SOLD

7)03-04 wiring harness- looks complete but no plug leads- $40

8)LS blue ram air cover, one tiny crack but very nice shape- $20

9)03-04 ECM Computer- $75

10)03-04 throttle bodies, injectors, airbox, filter one big assembly- $75

11)Silver plastic trim pieces that go on the back by the exhaust/taillight- mint- $15

12)Large bag of OEM hardware- lots of stuff- $55

13)OEM clutch assembly all together and ready to roll- basket, springs, screws, throwout rod, large toothed main plate, all in good shape but used $100

14)Spare clutch stuff bag- basket, drum, throwout rod, bearing cage, springs, screws, plates, shift rod selector (splines need cleaning), etc lots of misc stuff. Equally ready to roll but not assembled $85 should be a complete assembly +/- and a couple extras.

15)Yellow tail 03-04- great shape no issues $125

16)Frame sliders used- require fairing cutting- SOLD

Terms of sale:

1)I think these prices are very fair, but if you disagree make me an offer on anything/everything! I, in turn, reserve the right to ridicule lowballers both publicly and privately!

1a)Discount on package deals!

2)Shipping is extra!

3)Will have pics in an hour or two!

4)Whatever hasn't sold by the weekend will be on ebay next week so act

5)First come first serve!

6)Paypal works best for payment!


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ms8367 said:
dibs on #8 blue ram said that was a left side but the pic shows it to be a right side (as sitting on the bike)...can you confirm? if so i'll take it.

No, that's clearly the right-side one (when sitting on bike)
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