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I've got a race bike 2007 600rr, which was previously running an HRC ECU and loom. I've long suspected that there's an issue with the HRC ECU so I've decided to test my theory on the dyno by going back to stock ECU and loom. Both my bike and the part out bike are Australian delivered bikes (with HISS), ECU says ED on it.

Important thing to note: I started an ran the bike a few hours before removing the HRC gear, there was no issues there. I did a track day on it a few weeks back.

So I've removed the HRC gear and installed a stock wiring harness and I've borrowed a matching ECU, ignition barrel and key off a friend. This came off a running 2007 which he is parting out.

For the sake of testing, I've plugged in the exhaust servo, electric steering damper, neutral switch, knock sensor, tip over sensor (yes its up the right way), dash.

The only thing that I'm aware of that isn't plugged in is the o2 sensor. I'd expect this to cause a code to be thrown, but not prevent running?

So the issue is that it doesn't start. When I switch the ignition on, the dash lights up and sweeps, if I press the starter button it turns the engine over just fine. But when I switch the "engine stop switch" to on, the fuel pump does not prime.. It's definitely plugged in and I have no doubts about the fuel pump or battery etc.

I've checked all the fuses and tried switching the relays around etc.

I've tried bypassing the Tip Over Sensor.

I've also tried disconnecting the battery for a few hours.

I believe this is somehow HISS related. The HISS light does not flash when the key is off. I read that this can be disabled/enabled in the dash so I followed the procedure for this in the owners manual. It says to hold down the SET button when switching on the ign. After a few secs the HISS light will blink once. This is meant to toggle the HISS light on/off. The light blinks after 2 secs as if it's worked, but when i remove the key the light never starts blinking, I've tried this 20 times.

So does anyone have any other ideas of things to try? Is there some procedure for replacing the ECU?


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