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who do YOU think won the debate?

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Hello there. Some of you may have seen the graph for the public poll asking who won the debate.
well Ron Paul took the victory on that poll with out any doubt.
54% is an overwhelming majority. Romney came next with 15%..
now we know that Paul is black listed by most media outlets,
and we can even see how grossly misrepresented he is from a
glance at the chart posted on the msnbc website.

i took the time to create a bar graph that more accurately described the results. have a look.

from the host website, above and here is the one i made below.

i keep hearing this nonsense that nobody will vote for Ron Paul that he is too
extreme and it is a wasted vote, i try not to throw up when i hear those

i say if you dont agree with the US constitution then GTFO, with that said
Paul is the defender of what the nation was founded on and needs the
support he deserves.

during the debate Ron Paul said he can get a gallon of gasoline for a dime.
he was dead on, as long as that dime is made out of silver, you know like
how they were made before 1962...silver dimes are worth about 3.50$ silver
dollars about 48$ that is gross inflation and needs to be considered.

raise the debt=more inflation
fed stays at 0%=more inflation
stimulous packages=more inflation
quantitative easing=you get the idea

fact is that fed reserve and paper money not backed by gold or silver is
unconstitutional and its time to get back on track.
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