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The other day I found a puddle of gas under my bike. It also won't idle without the choke, runs like crap, and dies when the throttle is applied. The bike is not running when it leaks -- just sitting there parked in the garage, key off. Takes about 15 to 20 minutes before it starts to drip. The fuel is coming out of the fuel pump's drain hose.

Going to check the pump's flow capacity this weekend, but it shouldn't matter if the pump is draining for no reason. Guess maybe some piece of mind that the pump may be defective in another way. Prefer to identify root cause and am not into blindly replacing parts with the hope that a issue will be resolved. Hoping someone might know what could cause the pump to drain.

Bike has a little over 15K miles, the fuel filter has never been replaced, I only run premium octane from major gas stations (primarily 76 and Shell) and never anything from places like Arco. At the moment the tank is only about a 1/3 full of gas. This is a carb model and not injected. Bike is stock with the exception of a K&N air filter and LED signals front and rear.

Thanks for letting me bend your ear.
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