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I have a few changes I am considering for my '00 F4. It is currently factory orange and black, but I am thinking about making it all black. This would require painting the front fairing, tank, and front fender. Can anyone give me an idea of how much this would cost for a decent job that will match the quality of the existing black pieces from Honda?

I have also noticed my front breaks beginning to squeak slightly. I plan on taking it in for a general all around check-up and service: brakes, fluids, chain tolerances, etc. The bike has almost 6k on it, and since I have only owned it for a few months, I am not sure as to its last service. Is there anything specific I should have them do, or just have them take a look and recommend anything they come across? (I am rather experienced around a garage, but have recently relocated and lack the time, nec. space and tools to do this all myself).

Also, I am in the Chicago area, so any recommendations on shops to have both the paint and the service done would be appreciated from the Chi-town riders.

Thanks in advance.
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